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A non toxic, non-invasive way to improve your equines health

“A class of it’s own - Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy” USA Horse Journal 2011

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is the most advanced and effective treatment of soft tissue injuries, arthritis, fractures and degenerative diseases.

Pulse Solutions would like to help you discover the natural healing of PEMF as PEMF penetrates deep into the tissue. We can demonstrate a range of Effective, Safe and Affordable services to provide:

  • Pain Relief
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Conditioning and Strengthening
  • Improved Mobility
  • Reduced Inflammation  

Call Equine Therapist Nichole Fitzpatrick to arrange a treatment:

  • One off or a course of treatments
  • Daily or Weekly equine rehabilitation facility

AUSTRALIA Upper Hunter, NSW Equine Therapist

Nichole Fitzpatrick
M 0427 811 983
P 02 6747 1661

Conditions for Treatment

Stifle Injury
Slow, non-healing wounds

Degenerative Joint Disease
Degenerative Myelopathy
Decubital Ulcers
Lick Granulomas
Post Op ACL Surgery
Hip Dysplasia

What is pulsing electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF)?

Many people are familiar with PEMF, since it has been in human use since the 1970's to heal non-union fractures. Although products manufactured by Respond Systems are not for human use, Bio-Pulse PEMF systems have been in use for over ten years on the most expensive performance horses in the world.. PEMF uses pulsing magnetic fields, developed by pulsing a small amount of battery current through coils of wire, to initiate normal biological cellular reactions that result in improved circulation and provide pain relief.

What is pulse magnetic field therapy (PMFT)?

All the cells of the body have a weak, natural electric current flowing through them. The currents are caused by electrically charged particles in the cells called ions. Ions affect the metabolism, or the work of the cell. PMFT is a method of applying a magnetic field to the cell which sends a weak electrical signal, influencing the interaction of the ions, and the flow of nutrients in the cell. Enhanced circulation and nutrient exchange can speed the healing process and reduce down time.

What are the cellular effects of PEMF?

Very simply, cells contain electrically charged particles, called ions, which cause a weak, natural electrical current to flow. Changes in the electrical properties of cells result in the activation of various ion "pumps", which move nutrients back and forth across the cell wall. PEMF creates a magnetic field in motion, which activates the pump. The resulting change in pump action improves the metabolic rate of the cell.

Why is it called "pulsing" magnetic field therapy?

The most effective form of signalling cells is to send a series of magnetic pulses, of the proper frequency and wave form to stimulate cellular action. The Bio-Pulse systems generate a frequency and wave form which was recommended as the most effective by Dr. C.A. Bassett in his landmark work at Columbia University Hospital.

How much of the body is affected by the Bio-Pulse systems?

The pulsing magnetic field developed by the coils in the blanket are large enough to penetrate the major joints and muscles of the body. In fact, if you hold a test magnet close to a coil, and gradually move the test magnet away from the coil, you will still feel the pulsing from 12-18 inches away. This means that a 30 minute session is enough for most animals to realize a noticeable benefit.

What can I expect from PEMF therapy?

PEMF therapy is a relaxing, healthful therapy than can reduce or eliminate the need for pharmaceuticals if your animal suffers from stiffness, soreness or painful conditions.  You will usually see a difference in 1 to 2 weeks of therapy, a difference in the way they rise, walk and run.  They may also eat and sleep better with PEMF therapy.

How is PMFT used?

This type of therapy has been used since the 1970's on performance horses, such as show horses and thoroughbred race horses, to treat sore backs, sore muscles and stiff, arthritic joints. Acute and chronic inflammations of the tendons and tendon sheaths are treated by using leggings, and arthritic hocks are treated with hock boots. A neck wrap contains PEMF coils to treat stiff and sore necks caused by competing and training.  The newest form of this therapy, the Bio-Pulse™ Sentry Magnetic Therapy System has been available since 2004.  And our newest PEMF system, the Iron Foot completely treats the foot with a pad that the horses stand on.  All Respond Systems Bio Pulse products are completely portable, with no electrical cords hanging around to potentially injure you or your horse.

Respond Systems has sold therapy systems to over 8,000 veterinarians, owners and trainers world-wide, and is now used by the U.S.E.T. as well as internationally.

How does pulsing magnetic therapy differ from magnetic wraps and pads?

Three major differences:

  1. Pulsing Magnetic therapy penetrates completely through the joints and muscles. The strength of a magnetic field is directly related to the size and the composition of the magnet, and determines the depth of penetration. When you pulse battery current through the ten coils of the Bio-Pulse blanket, you are turning each coil of wire into a large, pulsing magnet. You can feel the pulsing up to 15 inches away from the coil by holding a test magnet in your hand. Now, hold a test magnet next to a magnetic wrap. You can't even feel it an inch away. In fact, a study conducted by an independent testing laboratory found that at 1/3 inch away from the magnetic wrap, the magnetic field was barely measurable. The Bio-Pulse blanket, with coils located at strategic locations on the horse, provides a strong, pulsing magnetic field that penetrates completely through joints and muscles for a complete therapy in just 30 minutes!

  2. Time Needed for Therapy. The Bio-Pulse system only needs to be used for 30 minutes each day. This means that, in the space of one day, you can use the one Bio-Pulse unit for all the horses in your barn. Bi-polar magnet blankets that have the magnets sewn into the sheet must be used for 3-4 days to have even a minimal effect on surface capillaries.

  • Published, scientific studies abound for pulsed magnetic field therapy. PMFT has been widely used in the treatment of human delayed union fractures for over a decade, and there is a growing body of literature concerning the biological and clinical effects of this energy. If you ask a magnetic wrap supplier to send you studies, they will send you studies about PMFT, because there is no scientific data concerning magnetic wraps. A recent study using pulsed magnetic fields reminds us that in clinical studies done over 17 years, over 200,000 patients have been treated safely with PMFT. Now you can use this therapy on YOUR horses, too!

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